Signature Website Design Services

Your 24/7 portal to the world, your website tells your story. Scherr Technology specializes in crafting quality websites using the ‘Signature Website’ package, a proven combination of the signature WordPress CMS framework, search engine optimization, social media footprint, content, design and instruction services. This unique understanding of the product as a whole, allows Scherr Technology to bring you seamlessly integrated solutions. Together we will craft a quality representation of your business that establishes your brand and drives pre-qualified leads using secure, industry standards.

Signature Website Design

Your website should be an investment, not an expense. Your website should clearly provide your business with benefits that far outweigh the costs. A good website will link customers to your products, services and staff. Your website is a transformative business tool. Strategic design with relevant, dynamic content that speaks from authority increases the probability of action. Driving visitors to your custom web form turns curiosity into pre-qualified leads and begins the sales cycle.

The Signature Website

The ‘Signature Website’ is an integrated CMS package of proven services, tools and technologies which has been perfected through decades of experience. The same world-class analysis and decision making which enabled the development of the ‘Signature Website’ are combined with responsive, five-star service to make your project an enjoyable learning experience. The Scherr Technology rapid-development process results in proven effective websites that utilize the latest in secure, integrated design and programming. Get a one-off, custom designed website crafted to engage your audience. Scherr Technology is your Internet, website design and social media partner.

Custom Designed Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Every Signature Website comes with custom search engine optimization (SEO) that exceeds current standards and provides you with yet another advantage over your competition. Solid search marketing drives quality traffic, lowers your bounce rate and is an integral part of any successful website. Target your ideal customer demographics. To compliment the Signature Website design package, Scherr Technology also offers quality Pay Per Click (PPC) & Google AdWords Campaign professionals.

Social Media Footprint & Mobile Version

The included social media footprint is particularly popular as it can establish you as an apparently larger entity. A great way to grow your business is to fill bigger shoes. We offer social media integration with websites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Yelp and YouTube. Establishing quality social media links increases website authority. Our websites are mobile ready and adapt to provide the best viewing experience regardless of platform.

Content Production & Instruction

Content services are included, we will write/rewrite your content. The perfect tool is useless without the proper training. Every Signature Website comes with 1-on-1 tailored training and the exclusive Signature Website Quicksheet included. Typical training includes two, half-hour phone training sessions or one, hour-long phone session. Training sessions can be attended by either the proprietor, a designated employee, or a group.

Video Enabled Websites

Instantly streaming video that is on demand and embedded within the page content. With broadband access at critical mass, the time has arrived to share your story with video. Seamlessly merge full motion video with the interactivity of the Internet. Differentiate youself from your competitors with videos of satisfied customers. Video is proven to increase site retention, click-through rate and sales.

Do you already Have a Website? But maybe you did not get the desired response, or your branding/positioning has changed. We offer a cost effective website redesign process that will harness your current investment. Get a modern CMS/SEO upgrade, broadband redesign, add responsive and mobile capabilities, or correct long-standing website issues.

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