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Award-winning Scherr Technology professional website design fills the gap between large, overpriced agencies and moonlighting amateurs. With an emphasis on quality content, usability, and design, the application of next-generation technologies brings you best-of-breed business services. Be confident in our abilities; our prestigious clientele has included The Merce Cunningham Dance Company, the Intrepid Museum, a US State Senator, and the USS New York, the ship that contains World Trade Center steel. Scherr Technology offers enterprise-level services to small businesses, non-profits, and professionals.

Professional Website Design

Located on the beautiful north shore of Long Island, NY, we are about sharing ideas and information to promote growth. This open exchange, unfettered by traditional boundaries has become the business and communication frontier for humanity in the 21st century. Let us help you understand and harness these new opportunities. Increase your sales, extend your brand, and take on your competition with a custom-tailored website from Scherr Technology. We are your professional website design experts.

Why Scherr Technology Website Design?

Your Business Ideas, Actualized

What would it be worth to get your unique brand and business ideas right in front of your target customers? “Out of the can” type websites are limited to what they can accomplish. Custom design is tailored to your particular business needs. You can count on the Scherr Technology creative process to produce a better deliverable, every single time.

From Concept to Support

More than just a long island web design company, Scherr Technology is your; Internet marketing, strategic guidance, problem solving, training, and IT support company. We proudly provide; website design, content marketing, e-commerce, and custom Internet services to a broad spectrum of industries, organizations, and professionals.

Experience That Matters

Corporately trained with startup and non-profit experience means we can help you with a variety of needs. We are a perfect fit for those who find they are missing either a logo, website, collateral, or video. To meet your business needs, we also offer insight and direction for mission-critical, strategic Internet, and marketing decision making needs.

“At the birth of a new millennium, humanity is faced with a new reality—an emerging global presence enhanced by the exponential growth of technology. Those who embrace this knowledge and anticipate its path will become the leaders of this new age, free to forge new ground and apply time-honored ideals to exciting, new opportunities.”

Brian C. Scherr, Founder of Scherr Technology