Visual Traceroute to any IP

Visual traceroute any IP address in the world in seconds using this browser-based tool from This FREE tool features Google Maps integration. Watch as it graphically depicts your visual traceroute for every router and switch hop. Perfect for investigating suspicious IP addresses that show up in your website, CDN or firewall logs. Can be used with or without a proxy to display the router and switch hops. Visit the visual traceroute online tool.

visual traceroute

The visual traceroute tool is one of ten FREE, browser-based online tools available from ‘you get signal’. These include; Port Forwarding Tester -> find open ports on your connection, What Is My IP Address -> quickly identify your external IP address, Network Location Tool -> locate a network using Google Maps, Phone Number Geolocator -> find out who’s calling, Reverse E-mail Lookup Tool -> figure out who’s e-mailing, Reverse IP Domain Check -> find other sites on a web server, WHOIS Lookup Tool -> check to see if a domain name is available, iGoogle Network Gadget -> displays your ip, hostname, and isp, and Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget -> displays your external ip.

Building a toolbox of online tools like the Visual Traceroute Tool, which are browser-based and FREE is highly recommended for website owners. These online tools extend capability while requiring no installation.

About the Visual Traceroute Online Tool

The visual traceroute tool displays the path Internet packets traverse to reach a specified destination. The tool works by identifying the IP addresses of each hop along the way to the destination network address. To get more specific info about an IP address you can use this IP tracer tool from The estimated geophysical location of each hop is identified using MaxMind’s GeoIP database. After all of the hops locations’ are identified, the path to the destination is plotted on a Google Map.