The power of your words, images, as well as video, are valuable tools for successful  content marketing in small business. When used correctly, they can give your small business with advantage over your competition. The competition for recognition is intense, so your online marketer needs to know the latest trends. Which trends in content marketing can benefit your small business WordPress CMS website? How does content marketing fit into your small business marketing plan? Learn how to use content marketing with Scherr Technology. We offer an effective, proven, and affordable content marketing program for small business.

content marketing

According to an article in Forbes Magazine, “Content marketing is really about providing valuable information or content to current and potential customers for the purpose of building trust, branding, awareness, and positive sentiment. A successful content marketing campaign… sets the groundwork for a long-term business relationship.” You can build that relationship by providing valuable content.

Value Creation Through Content Marketing

Consumers are looking for value when they spend their time reading a website’s content. This also goes for when they watch a video or listen to audio content. This could be as simple as providing testimonials about unique ways your product (or service) is used and its’ benefits. It could be as complicated as implementing a study about the benefits of your product, and then publishing the results. To determine what content marketing will be of value, make the effort to discover what impacts the lives of your target customers.

Mobile Content Marketing

The attention span of customers viewing content on a website is short. The reason your typical WordPress CMS blog post is 300 words is simply because the average reading time for 300 words is one minute. Mobile viewer attention is even shorter as viewing online content from a mobile device is different. Your small business website content on a mobile device must compete with distractions around the user as they move throughout their day. This means blog posts, video, as well as audio, and more need to make your point more succinctly. This must part of your company’s content marketing strategy.

Creating Positive Relationships Through Content Marketing

One of the most important things content marketing can do for a company is to create positive relationships with its customers. Build a strong relationship with your customers by using content marketing to ‘close the distance’ with current and potential customers. For example, Twitter marketing could be used to broadcast product events and info (but only if your audience is on Twitter). Again, knowing your audience is key, as they may only use text messaging, or prefer to aggregate RSS feeds using a mobile app. When done correctly, content marketing strengthens relationships and builds customers that are loyal. Loyal customers provide effective word of mouth marketing (the best kind).

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