Four Tips for Writing Persuasive Copy in Content Marketing

For your small business content marketing strategy, persuasive web writing should be a primary goal. Whether an opinion piece or trying to convince visitors to sign up for your newsletter, persuasive content is an integral of your content marketing arsenal.  We know it takes hard work to create compelling, persuasive copy. Here are a few quick pointers to help you improve your small business content marketing strategy.

writing persuasive copy content marketing

1) Create Your Content Marketing Outline

It always pays to have an outline before you begin writing the body copy of your article. Use the outline to list the main points you intend to include. Start with a topic for each paragraph, then segment further (if necessary). Taking the time to create an outline beforehand will help to ensure your content has the proper continuity. These strategic outlines are also effective for implementing the larger content marketing structures of your website.

2) Use Bold And Highlight

People experience copy differently on the web than they do in books or magazines. Readers tend to skim a lot more, so it is important to bold or highlight your key points or calls to action. In addition to bolding the text, Scherr Technology Signature Websites features shortcodes which provide an inline highlighting capability. WYSIWYG shortcode styling has opened up a world of personalization through customization for content marketing authors.

3) Stick To Your Content Marketing Goals

Keep your content marketing goals from getting lost in the shuffle. State the intent of your content. It has always important to have a point to your writing, but with persuasive copy, this is key. When you are trying to persuade your audience, it helps to state your goal clearly before you begin. Try to keep your focus as you write. Wasting reader’s time is never a good idea. Be sure to check your progress by returning to your outline regularly.

4) Create Keystone Content

Keystone content is content you can reference from other articles on your website.  Keystone content is an integral part of any successful content marketing strategy.  Using blog articles and reciprocal links to ‘enshrine’ your keystone content will ensure your focus keywords and key phrases are generating the desired effect.

Make your points, state your case and suggest actions. Well written, persuasive pieces can make a real difference for your company or cause. Keeping your focus will help ensure your intention is understood.

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