Three Questions for Website Designers in Nassau County

When you need website design services and you’re thinking of hiring website designers in Nassau County like Scherr Technology, you can save time by knowing the answers to three important questions; Who is your target audience? What are the goals of the website? What are your keywords, key phrases and how are they ranking? As easy as 1-2-3, these three questions are an excellent starting point for any Internet presence.

website designers in nassau county

1) Who is your target audience?

Your target audience determines everything from the aesthetic of the website to the content created for it. Is your target audience male or female? What’s their educational level, profession, and incomes? Are they sophisticated users or complete beginners? Does your audience know the issues your business solves?

Knowing your audience prevents missteps like missing the mark with your messaging or aesthetic. We are a respite for small business clients who have had issues with the consistency, accuracy and responsiveness of their previous website development company. At Scherr Technology, we pride ourselves at being problems solvers and strategic business partners with our clients. This relationship allows us to perfect your messaging and aesthetic and turn your visits into pre-qualified leads.

2) What are the goals of the website?

Perhaps you want your website to impart information about your company and industry, or maybe you hope to sell goods and services. These are straightforward goals for your website, but other goals are less obvious. Proper research by a trained professional can reveal unseen goals. For instance; How is your time on page, bounce rate, average visit duration, pages per visit, and new vs. returning visitors? Reviewing these metrics can indicate the need for an effort to be strategically applied to a particular goal. The professionals at Scherr Technology are experts at identifying both visible and hidden website goals alike.

3) What are your keywords, key phrases and how are they ranking?

Focus keywords and key phrases are the words and phrases users type into their search field to locate your website. For example, a paper manufacturer might use “wholesale paper,” “paper supplier,” or “business stationery.” To discern what keywords to use, locate them using a free keyword search tool like Semrush. Keyword search tools can also reveal the keywords your competitors use. Use your keyword and phrase information to create a list of all the focus keywords and key phrases associated with your business. We can help you hone this list down to a few effective terms and market to those terms using search engine optimization and content marketing.

Get help with the answers to these three questions for website designers in Nassau County and more, contact Scherr Technology today. A courteous and knowledgable professional is awaiting your call.