Search Engine Optimization, The Elusive Questing Beast

Master search engine optimization and you’ll conquer the digital world! At least, that’s what they told us, but were we wrong to seek a secret algorithm rather than insisting on quality content? Hmm…it would seem so. From Panda to the Penguin to the blog-wrecking Phantom, Google has changed/tweaked/adjusted their parameters (again) leaving behind a flurry of questions. So is SEO or search engine optimization the elusive Questing Beast of the digital world? Will we ever capture it?

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All Arthurian legend references aside, a 2014 article in Entrepreneur may shed some light on the subtle nuances occurring in the content development side of the web marketplace. According to the piece, online businesses have a reason for concern.

Search Engine Optimization has changed.

Search engine optimization isn’t about the written word anymore–it’s a label that encompasses content, links and the finesse of your social presence. You can’t just write a blog post, article or tutorial and walk away waiting for the bucks to roll in. You need supportive links (from healthy sites) and the ability to get the word out to a wider audience.

Mobile optimization isn’t an add-on.

With more people tapping into search engines via their smartphones and pads, you need mobile website functionality. Can customers access your website when they are on the move? Are all the features working properly? You need to answer “yes” to these questions!

Social media effects your ranking.

Every tweet, like and pin could nudge you up the Google ranking; however, if your social activity comes off as spamming, it takes a dive. Do you know how to manage the social side of business? What’s the perfect combination of social updates for your business?

These are questions everyone is asking but you don’t have to be in the dark–or the last to know. Spend some time improving these areas and you’ll get the results you want–better ranking.

Contact us today and we’ll help guide you through the¬†search engine optimization improvement process. Victory is yours!

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