Pursuing Effective Website Content Curation and Maintenance Services

Website content curation and maintenance services are great for keeping your site well-organized. However, to make truly effective use of content curation services, your website needs more than just random, keyword-heavy product copy.  Learn to improve your curation efforts and website bounce rates will drop. Plus, your Time on Page and traffic in general will benefit. Here are some useful content curation tools and tips.

content curation aggregation

Better Understanding Content Curation

One common mistake that many website owners will make is to assume that content curation is simply putting whatever content they have into individual posts without a larger strategy. While the basic gist of the process can be understood in isolation, content curation is far more holistic and systematic than that. As Lee Odden points out, one of the most important components of an effective curation effort is the type and relation of content to include in a particular post. Here, he says that each curated item should be closely related to others in its group and that everything must convey a single bigger idea for reader benefit.

The source of your curated items is also vital in the success of your efforts. Undoubtedly the most sought after content for curation are news articles from reputable agencies as these are most timely at any given period and are most likely read by site visitors. On the other hand, content generated by established leaders in your field are also most welcomed.

Collecting & Presenting Your Data

As many website content curation and maintenance services will tell you, having the right tools will not only help speed up the process but also steer it in the right direction. Content aggregation tools are definitely the first tools you want to have as these are what gather content from all over the net. Aggregators like Symbaloo and ProtoPage offer users a comprehensive means of organizing the items coming into the specific categories you choose. Content planners like Kapost and Trap, however, are vital in laying out how you are going to release the compiled contend for effective use.

Speaking of releasing content, don’t be limited to one format. Be a lot more creative. Video presentation, in particular, gives you a lot of flexibility in presenting as much varied content as needed. Creating an interactive content presentation is also a good idea to entice more viewers. Also, reach more people by using different channels, such as social networking sites, to release curated content.

Categories & Post Tags

Getting used to any CMS (content management system) as a publishing platform means understanding various helpful ways of using the tools at hand.  A good tip for content curation is to use your categories as a table of contents and your post tags as an index or glossary.  This will allow you to create ‘silos’ of content while cross-linking it using index or glossary terms.  Cross-linking your content is a great way of increasing SEO accuracy.

So Why The Content Curation Effort?

At this point, you might be asking what content curation value proposition would call for such a significant time investment. Here, the most obvious application is for marketing. By collecting and presenting articles that support the claims you made for your business and products, you entice more customers to make the purchase.  Both your sales and your call to action will become more effective, resulting in a greater ROI (return on investment) and revenue than without proper content curation.

However, there is more to content curation than just sharing. As pointed out by Adam Vincenzin.

“Online communities appreciate it when content is shared without an agenda. When you find and share someone else’s content, not only are you adding value to your communities, but you’re also promoting someone else’s content, and that sharing is appreciated at the other end.”

With that, you will be able to build your business’ reputation and improve its presence in the market. Learn more about the Scherr Technology website content curation and maintenance services we offer, contact us today.

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