Format and Optimize CSS for FREE

Format and optimize CSS with, a FREE open source CSS parser (formatter) and optimizer. The emergence of CSS as a powerful tool in crafting modern websites means getting your CSS code right is more important than ever. Proper code is the foundation of a good website and CSS is no exception. Visit the CSS formatter and optimizer by CleanCSS and simply paste your CSS code in or upload a complete CSS file.

clean css tool

The CleanCSS CSS format and optimize tool supports several options including; Sort Selectors (caution), Sort Properties, Optimize selectors and their properties, Merge shorthand properties, Only safe optimizations, Compress colors, Compress font-weight, Lowercase selectors, Case for properties, Remove unnecessary backslashes, Convert !important-hack, Remove last ;, Save comments, Discard invalid properties and Output as file. Visit CleanCSS or CSSTidy and get your CSS formatted and optimized for FREE today!

Building a toolbox of online tools like the CSS Optimization Tool, which are browser-based and FREE is highly recommended for website owners. These online tools extend capability while requiring no installation.

About the CleanCSS Format and Optimize CSS Tool

The CSS optimizer was originally developed by some awesome dudes over at CSS Tidy. They built the program and have made it free for everyone to use. I stumbled across their optimizer one day while looking for help with my CSS. I wanted to know the shortest way I could style a background of a web site without having to use all the “background-image” and “background-repeat” tags. I found some other optimizers which I tried, but none worked as well as CSS Tidy. It was actually hosted on some random CD Burning website. Why? I have no idea.