Successful small business content marketing strategies include producing outgoing messaging copy at an increasingly rapid rate. The momentum can be significant, so it’s important to possess an additional set of eyes to proofread your outgoing messaging copy. Getting that outgoing messaging copy wrong could have embarrassing consequences and cost you sales. So it’s critical to get it precise the first time. Recently, we reviewed the current crop of AI (artificial intelligence) proofreaders and decided on using the Grammarly grammar checker to provide instant and accurate proofreading for our content marketing strategy.

grammarly content marketing

Grammarly is touted as the “The World’s Best Grammar Checker” and from an AI perspective we would have to agree. Grammarly checks for hundreds of common grammatical errors with the simplicity of a single click. Even more advanced grammatical errors like contextual spelling, bad modifiers, incorrect prepositions, and improper quantifiers are identified with ease. These features and more should make the Grammarly grammar checker a part of every quality assurance testing suite.

Although using Grammarly to check your grammar and spelling are the core functions of the online tool, Grammarly also provides context-optimized vocabulary suggestions, or synonyms for many of the words in your copy. Simply click the underlined word and you will be presented with a selection of choices. Clicking a synonym will automatically swap the old for new. This ability comes in handy for what is possibly the most valuable tool that Grammarly provides, the plagiarism checker.

The Grammarly plagiarism checker is the perfect tool to pair with your blog writing service. Ensure you are getting your quality, original content and not large chunks of Wikipedia. Although citing content is an example of honorable copying and is completely encouraged, we still see the occasional blatant plagiarism, and one must be prepared to flag it ahead of time in order to avoid publishing it.

In addition to catching deliberate plagiarism, the Grammarly plagiarism checker can also aid in writing copy which is truly unique. When writing about common subjects, there are only so many ways to word a particularly common marketing phrase. By using the Grammarly plagiarism checker, and the context-optimized vocabulary suggestions, small business owners can tweak the copy they are writing to be sure they are using a unique voice which will stand out amongst the crowd.

Looking to improve your writing skills? The Grammarly online tool will provide you with the confidence to write effective marketing copy. As we all know, practice makes perfect and spelling, grammar, and vocabulary are no exception. Use Grammarly as an online tool to increase your marketing copy proficiency.

The Grammarly spelling, grammar, and plagiarism checker online tools are currently in use by over three million people. Sure we would like to all have a college english professor in our back pocket, but with Grammarly, at least we can be a little more confident in our content marketing strategy and outgoing messaging copy. The professionalism and peace of mind the Grammarly online tool provides is well worth the price. Try out the Grammarly spelling, plagiarism, and grammar checker online tool today.