Five Keys to Small Business Website Design

Everyday thousands of new, online businesses toss their virtual hooks in the water, hoping to snag the “big one” from an ever-expanding, global pool of customers. For many, if not most, this is a dream never realized, not because they don’t have a good product, useful service or even great branding. It all boils down to missed opportunities in small business website design. According to Forbes, a website flop can cost you thousands of dollars in revenue. Do you know how to maximize your online presence? Follow these helpful keys to small business website design.

small business website design

1) Don’t put the cart before the horse. Okay, the truth is designing a website can often be the “straightforward” part–nailing your target audience? Not so much. Put your focus on getting to know your potential clients, where to find them and how to reach them before you launch.

2) Simplify your website. Too many bells and whistle can discourage potential customers who need quick answers. Your business website should be functional without all the flash. Functionality is always first!

3) You forgot to give them a reason. Your Triple Q widget does it all but that may not be enough of a reason for customers to spend the extra moolah on your product. Did you give them a reason? Make what sets you apart as clear as day and placed prominently on your site.

4) Know what you’re getting. There’s as many amateur website designers as there are online businesses but they don’t all have the skills you need. Before you hire a design team, do you know what you’re getting? What does your design package include? That’s info you need to know.

5) Focus on good content. Your content should meet the needs of your visitors (and potential customers) and the content needs to be updated regularly. Make it your mission to update your blog weekly, or more to keep your name in front of the search engines.

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